Jumat, 21 April 2017

How to Convert Any Youtube Video Into MP3/MP4 Format?

We do know that youtube shares musics and videos everyday.

But, for some people that want to listen musics without watch it stream on youtube, they feel confuse, although some people already know this tricks too.

Youtube videos as you know is eating celluler data more frequently if we are watching videos on youtube on stream, yeah that's because the transfer of a picture per pixel to convert to video is taking more with video resolution as a factor.

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But, with Save It Offline, we can do more to a youtube videos, specifically we can convert youtube videos into any format that is listed on the website.

Just let's get into it.

Converting Youtube Videos Into Mp3

I'm just taking a sample here, you have to know that you can also convert to any format, just carefully check the website, okay here we go!

  1. Open your youtube videos on a browser (whatever) and copy the url/link of youtube videos that you want to convert into. 
    Sainsologi is the best
  2. Then open Save It Offline site and paste your copied url of a youtube videos.
  3. After that, click on a download button (more like icon). 
    Click Download Button
  4. Final step is to choose your format, whether you want mp4 or mp3, based on what you want.
    Selecting Format of Youtube Videos
Just that, you done!

Oh, if you want to convert to mp3 just let's go ahead on open Youtube to Mp3

Hope this article will help you to convert and watch youtube videos offline.

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